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iPad POS Loyalty Programs for Retail

August 7 2013, 00:45 POS System iPad POS Loyalty Program Retail

The leader in iPad POS solutions, Revel Systems, announced they will be attending the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) conference August 4-7 to showcase Loyalty Program integration. Revel's Loyalty Program will give retail owners the chance to engage with customers on a whole new level. A goal for retailers has always been to provide customer satisfaction however they can, and now a Revel partnership with mobile-to-POS leader LoyalTree allows them to directly integrated with the iPad POS system. Revel gives owners the option of downloading their Loyalty Program directly on the iPad POS or on the management console. The partnership establishes a quick and effective integration that only takes a few minutes to download and setup through the Revel Marketplace.

The Loyalty Program is a low-cost, effective form of building customer relationships and retention, not to mention an energy saver. Re-useable reward programs provide for a greener workplace and waste reducer. Choosing Revel's iPad POS solution for retail, means you're choosing the best Loyalty Program for your business and your customers.

Revel Systems iPad POS Loyalty Program for Retail

Revel Systems iPad POS Loyalty Program for Retail

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